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Vote To Keep Mike

By Keith Cowing
January 1, 2009

The Mike Griffin Fan Club, Freespace, Discovery News

“A more grass-roots effort was launched today by Scott Horowitz, a former space shuttle commander whose last job with NASA was as the associate administrator for the agency’s new exploration initiative, which includes the development of the controversial shuttle-derived Ares rockets, along with Apollo-style capsules called Orion. Horowitz has started an internet-based “Keep Mike” petition drive. When I checked it a minute ago, eight people had signed up.”

Keep Mike Griffin as the NASA Administrator Petition

“Petition sponsor Scott “Doc” Horowitz”

Editor’s 24 Dec note: Contrary to the intent of this last ditch attempt to drum up support, it would seem that non-fans of Doc and Mike can also post snarky comments …

Editor’s update: When I first visited Doc’s Keep Mike petition, there were a handful of comments that did not support Mike Griffin. I went back a few hours later and those comments were gone but several new anti-Griffin comments appeared. They too were later removed. Since Doc created the petition he must be the one removing all of these comments.

Editor’s 24 Dec update: I just checked again a few hours later and all of the dissenting opinions have been removed again (by Doc). What a sad way to spend your Christmas holiday – checking on a website to purge anti-Mike commentary. To be certain, everyone is entitled to their opinion and many of the folks posting on the petition site (by name) are sterling individuals with reputations beyond reproach. But trying to pretend that there are no contrary views by simply removing them is pretty pathetic. If nothing else Doc, this selective editing action by you simply underscores the commonly held opinion that you and you successors at ESMD are utterly incapable of dealing with criticism or differences in opinion. We can only hope that the changes that lie ahead will correct this chronic defect.

That said, if you support Mike Griffin, by all means express your support. But do not confuse what you read on Doc’s heavily censored website with reality – just as you should not make the same mistake about what you read on NASA Watch.

Editor’s 24 Dec update: Perhaps the most bizarre part of this “Keep Mike” petition move is an email that is making its way around the NASA and Washington aerospace community. I have gotten this from 3 4 people thus far. Check the full text of this note from Mike Griffin’s self-described “Number One Fan” i.e. his wife. Message below:

From: Rebecca Griffin [mailto:Rebecca.Griffin@…….]
Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2008 9:54 PM
Subject: petition
Yes, once again I am embarrassing my husband by reaching out to our friends and “imposing” upon them. Sigh, what’s new? The number 1 fan is a role I have earned, because I know how hard my husband works, how honest he is, and what a positive difference he has made at NASA in just three and half short years. So, I couldn’t think of an easier or better way to let you know about this true “grass roots” endeavor that was set up by former astronauts to encourage the incoming Obama administration to consider keeping Mike Griffin on as NASA Administrator. If you are not interested, please delete this email and accept my apologies for bothering you. If you are interested, just log in to the web site shown below. And, if this is inappropriate, I’m sorry.
Merry Christmas,

Editor’s 26 Dec update: There is now a Remove Mike Griffin As NASA Administrator Now petition – soon to be filled with fake names and “anonymous” signatures, no doubt.

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