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Walt Anderson Sentenced; IRS Botches Plea Agreement

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
March 28, 2007

Mogul Sentenced to 9 Years For Tax Evasion and Fraud, Washington Post

“Eccentric Washington telecommunications mogul Walter C. Anderson was sentenced yesterday to nine years in prison for failing to pay $200 million in taxes — but a federal judge ruled the Internal Revenue Service won’t be repaid for now because prosecutors botched the plea agreement. … Before the guilty plea, Anderson had insisted that the hundreds of millions of dollars in assets the government said he had hidden belonged to the Smaller World Foundation. He controls the foundation and endowed it with full ownership of various companies he also runs, such as Space Inc. and Iceberg Transport SA. He said he planned for the foundation to begin giving away money in 2006 to promote such causes as world peace, family planning and space exploration, but then he was arrested.”

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