Bob Zubrin Resumes His Hubble Rants

Editor's note: And I suppose The wealth of technical advice at NASA was simply unavailable to Mr. O'Keefe?

"Mr. O'Keefe countered by ordering high- level NASA officials who were known to be ardent supporters of Hubble to take public stands supporting his decision. The disgusting spectacle of bureaucratic self-humiliation that followed was more reminiscent of a Stalin-era show trial than a technical debate, and appropriately, only excited derision in the press."

Editor's note: "Stalin"? Really Bob - your armwaving has reached a new height - or rather, a new low this time.

"Mr. O'Keefe subsequently announced his resignation, but then, before departing, submitted a NASA budget containing no funds for either SM4 or robotic repair."

Editor's note: Uh, Bob, that was the budget the White House submitted to Congress.

"NASA calculates that if Hubble were to re-enter without direction, there is a 1/10,000 chance that the resulting debris would strike someone. That works out to a probability of one life saved per $3 trillion spent. If life-saving is the mission, $300 million could do a lot more good spent on tsunami relief, body armor for the troops, highway safety barriers, childhood vaccinations, swimming lessons, take your pick."

"Instead of stupidly and heartlessly wasting $300 million to destroy Hubble, we should use $100 million to save and upgrade this gem of science and civilization, and spend the other $200 million to save the lives of tens of thousands of destitute children far more worthy of our charity than the Hubble deorbit program."

Editor's note: Save Hubble for the world's children? Gee, why not lend a helping hand. The billions that you want to be spent on a human mission to Mars could do even greater humanitarian good, eh Bob?

"The damage done to NASA and the new space initiative by Mr. O'Keefe's irrational actions has been substantial, and threatens to become much worse and long lasting if his decision is allowed to stand. Effectively, by choosing the most valuable part of the old space program and selecting it for destruction as collateral damage of implementing the new, the former Administrator has branded the President's vision with the mark of Cain."

Editor's note: Biblical condemnation? Wow. I can wait to see what you hurl at O'Keefe next, Bob.

"Americans committed to a sane, moral, and courageous space policy need to mobilize now to save Hubble. Everyone should call their own Senators and Congressional representatives, ask to speak to their legislative aides, and demand that the SM4 mission to save and upgrade Hubble be reinstated, and that not a penny of the taxpayers' money be spent on the immoral Hubble de-orbit mission."

Editor's note: So those who support the abandonment of Hubble at the end of its mission are immoral Bob?

Once again, Bob, my advice is for you to sit down, and shut up. As was the case with your earlier bout of arm waving, Your latest Hubble rant has nothing to do with Mars and serves only to inflame emotions instead of encouraging rational discussion.

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