USA Forever?

Exploration gap could cost NASA skills, jobs, The Hill

"That gap means something very different to us. We intend to be the operator of the constellation systems, so we have to be able to negotiate and navigate that gap with our skill base and with our credentials intact," said Jeff Carr, spokesman for the Alliance."

Editor's note: You "intend" to be the operator? This sounds a little presumptuous, Jeff.

Jeff Carr replies: "Actually, it is extremely presumptuous.But we have a skilled and experienced workforce that is uniquely qualified to do that work, and we have a responsibility to them to make every effort to preserve that opportunity for them.So, as a basic premise in our planning, it is (and must be) our intention to be the operator.And we're not keeping that a secret."

Reader comment: "I can only speak from my experience at KSC, but it not only is presumptuous but also the epitome of arrogance to think that somehow USA is going to magically and overnight transform itself from a behemoth of an organization built on cronyism and "we've been doing it this way for the last 30 years why should we change now" to a sleek, cutting edge organization out in the forefront of space exploration. There is a tremendous shortage between where they are right now to where they need to be -- and it's just plain not going to happen in the timeframe required. No way."

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