Hubble Servicing Mission Date Set

NASA Internal Memo: Hubble Space Telescope SM4 Mission Scheduled for 11 September 2008

"We have been informed by the JSC SM4 Mission Director that the space shuttle Flight Assignment Working Group (FAWG) has assigned the HST SM4 mission a launch readiness date of September 11, 2008 on space shuttle Atlantis (OV-104). This flight is designated STS-125. Please see the attachment for the latest FAWG manifest."

Download complete 2 January 2007 FAWG manifest

NASA Schedules Flight to Update Space Telescope, NY Times

"The Hubble Space Telescope has a new, resonant date with destiny. NASA has set Sept. 11, 2008, as the target date for launching a mission intended to revitalize the telescope and keep it spaceworthy into the next decade, according to a planning document made public by, an independent Web site."

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