JSC Gets Its Own Bush Politico - Update

Editor's 14 May note: Ellen now has an email account at Code AD and is listed in the X.500 directory. Soon all of that Lame Duck goodness will start working its magic at JSC!

Editor's 11 May note: Great news: consumate Bush loyalist and overt politico Ellen Engleman Conners has accepted the position of Director of External Relations at JSC replacing Eileen Hawley.

Ellen Engelman Conners has been at JSC for the past week getting to know her way around and starts full time just after Memorial Day.

Eileen Hawley's last day was last Friday. She will be missed.

Just What JSC PAO Needs - An Overt Bush Politico, previous post

Safety Chief in Holding Pattern - Relations With Colleagues Called Frosty and Petty

"Engleman Conners has not been popular among her peers at the board. Last year, she got into a high-profile spat with three of the four other board members that led to members' not speaking to one another and Engleman Conners working much of the time from the NTSB Academy in Ashburn, Va., rather than at headquarters in Washington."

New Strife at the NTSB under Engleman-Connors Leadership

"NTSB members are strongly dissatisfied with the way in which Board chairman Ellen Engleman Conners is attempting to curb their activities. Three Board members-Carol Carmody, Richard Healing and Deborah Hersman-sent a letter to the chairman late this summer expressing their concerns."

Transportation safety board's Engleman Conners withdraws nomination for second chairmanship term, Progressive Railroading

"National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) member Ellen Engleman Conners recently sent a letter to President Bush to withdraw her nomination for a second term as board chairman. The president nominated her in April."

Exiting From the Game Doesn't Dispel Clouds, WS Journal

"MOVING OVER: National Transportation Safety Board insiders twitter over the FCC's hiring of former chairwoman Ellen Engleman Conners for the managing director's office. Internal strife marred Conners's three-year NTSB term, where complaints, including from fellow Republicans, ranged from how she resolved a backlog of safety issues to how she divvied up office supplies."

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