KSC Rally/Hearing - Live

Griffin: "The only thing that could have prevented this Gap would have been a significantly higher budget so that we could operate during development. [Congress] did not do that. ... Within the context of the resources available, we are doing the best that we can."
Nelson: "For every direct job at KSC it is multiplied to [creating] 2.5 jobs in Florida. The question is the reverse of that: do you anticipate the total jobs lost to be 2.5 jobs to be lost for every job lost at the Space Center?"

Griffin: "Yes sir, that is the multiplier that we are talking about."

Griffin: "We have a comittment [to the President] to use the fewest number of people [for Constellation/Orion]. Within the context of a fixed overall NASA budget that gives us more money to do other things - things that I know that you want to do . It has been my goal to move tasks to KSC to make up for work that will no longer be done here. We hope to do much of the assembly and integration here at the Cape. That has not been done before."

Nelson: "Well, whoever the next President is I think we are going to ask him to keep you on as Administrator of NASA."

Griffin: "Send me a note and tell me how this works out."
Nelson: "Is there a way to make Kennedy a Development Center?"

Griffin: "I would not make Kennedy a Development Center. If I tried to make KSC a deveopment center - we'd get into a large set of battles that would not be beneficial for the country. Work would have to be moved from other centers and moved here. It would also not adress the jobs of the people who would be cut. You would be importing [development] people or hiring them locally. You would not be ameliorating the job loss situation."

Nelson: "We have 150,00 acres - I want to expand the role [of KSC]"
Nelson: "We have a difference of opinon about flying one additional space shuttle flight ... you do not want to take money out of Constellation and put it into another flight. Under a new Administration, if we were able to get the money for an additional flight over and above the budget - can you venture a cost for that additional flight?"

Griffin: "We said that the marginal cost of that flight would be ... $300-400 million. I do not have a more precise estimate than that."

Nelson: "Will we be beyond the point of no return when a new Administration arrives?"

Griffin: "We have a 18 month template to add a new mission. We need to know ... by Feb 2009. We could execute a mission in late summer 2010. ... We are not limited by hardware - it is a fiscal matter with this Administration - which I represent. ... I do not have the resources to execute this [AMS] mission without removing resources from other missions."

Senators Nelson, Martinez to Lead Hearing On Loss Of NASA Jobs, WFTV

"The economic effect of the job cuts comes at a time when Brevard County is already dealing with mortgage problems and a big housing downturn. Monday morning, hundreds of people are expected to gather in Brevard County as part of a show of solidarity for the importance of NASA to the United States."

Space Workers To Rally At Senate Hearing On Shuttle, Central Florida News

"You have not 6,400 jobs at risk, but you have either 16,000 jobs at risk with the smaller number, or 22,000 jobs that will be lost in east Central Florida," Ketcham explained. "That's 22,000 families in this community that will be severely impacted."

Space Coast Concerned About NASA's Future, Fox 35

"Around six thousand citizens, business owners and union representatives are expected to hold a demonstration outside the Canaveral Port Authority building where the hearing will be held."

Live Webcam, Fox 35

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