Mike Griffin's Exclusive Off The Record China Briefing

Editor's 12 Sep note: The organizers of this widely promoted event on 24 Sep. wherein Mike Griffin will be "addressing China's space program" asked me to remove mention of the Congressional Space Power Caucus Breakfast because "these events are limited to Members of Congress, their staff, other US Govt officials and representatives from companies that are either corporate supporters of the Space Foundation or NDIA. These events are not open to the public or media."

How can the NASA Administrator address such an important topic - to an exclusive, hand-picked audience - and have it be off the record? More importantly, how can the organizers schedule - or NASA PAO agree to allow Griffin to participate in - such an event one day before the expected launch of Shenzhou VII and expect no one to be allowed to report what Griffin thinks about China's space program?

Editor's 24 Sep Update: According to NASA AA for Legislative Affairs, Bill Bruner's twitter posting at 10:36 am EDT: "Just listened to NASA official talk about China building capability to exploit cislunar space -- while our lunar capability sits in museums."

Hmm, I wonder if this "NASA official" he is talking about is NASA Administrator Mike Griffin speaking at this morning's closed door breakfast briefing on China? Hmm, so is this the strategy, for NASA folks and other attendees to start being clever and "leaking" non-attributable commentary about "government officials" saying things off the record that they are afraid to say on the record? Gee, how Watergate of you, Bill.

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Editor's 22 Sep Update: Still no response from NASA PAO. Perhaps Mike Griffin will tell the attendees what he said at another exclusive, invitation- only event, the NASA 50th Anniversary Celebration, (which is also contractor funded) later that same day. Oh yes the event's location i.e. "Chantilly, Virginia" is secret beltway code for The National Air & Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. Shhh! Remember, this is supposed to be a stealth event.

Editor's 17 Sep Update: No response from NASA PAO. But one of the co-sponsors, the NDIA mentions this event on its website: "09/24/2008 8LI7 - Legislative Information Division Breakfast Series NDIA, Army Navy Club, Washington, DC".

Editor's 16 Sep Update: I just sent a series of questions to NASA PAO with regard to this exclusive event to be held the day before China attempts its most ambitious space mission yet. Questions below:

With regard to the Congressional Space Power Caucus Breakfast on 24 September 2008:

  • Will Mike Griffin be attending and speaking at this event in his capacity as NASA Administrator?
  • When and where will this event take place?
  • What topic(s) will he be addressing?
  • Will this event be open to the public and the media?
  • Will Griffin's prepared remarks and/or transcripts of his comments made at this event be made public?
  • Will any ITAR, SBU, proprietary, or classified information be discussed by Griffin?
  • If no public access or record of the NASA Administrator's remarks will be allowed, can you provide the official agency rationale whereby selected taxpayers (Congressional staff, lobbyists, and fee paying association sponsors) are to be given preferential access to the Administrator's comments for their own non-public use while other taxpayers are denied such access given that such a policy would seem to be in direct contravention of the "NASA Policy on the Release of Information to the News and Media"?

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