The Rebellion Continues at JSC

JSC's future relies on moon program compromise, Houston Chronicle

"The political potshots have subsided and the serious horse-trading lies ahead as the White House and Congress grind toward a compromise to salvage parts of the NASA moon program crucial to Houston's Johnson Space Center. ... Obama critics have gained momentum by seizing on NASA's sacking of outspoken Constellation program manager Jeff Hanley, rumors of NASA attempting to cancel existing contracts in violation of congressional language, and the administration's targeted workforce transition assistance for the electoral battleground of Florida rather than all states potentially affected by NASA layoffs."

Keith's note: Dale Thomas has simply picked up where Jeff Hanley left off and has told his staff that this is what he is doing. Nothing has changed and JSC still operates in open defiance of NASA Headquarters - starting with its center director.

Keith's update: If you go to the comments section and scroll to the bottom you will see comments by Jim Muncy. Jim explains things far better than I can with regard to following the "Law" vs following Congressional direction.

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