Management Style of NASA JSC PAO's Ellen Engleman Conners In Her Previous Job

Report: Transportation Safety Board Less Aggressive in Last Decade, Fox

"... Carmody and Goglia are two NTSB members who faulted the leadership style of Ellen Engleman Conners, who was chairwoman of the board from 2003 to 2005, for the decline in investigations during the Bush administration. Engleman Conners required all board votes be unanimous, something that had never been common practice, they said. She also was very frugal, which former Democratic board members say was problematic to the conduct of investigations. "You couldn't buy anything without her signature," said John Goglia, Engleman Conners, who resigned in May 2006 after withdrawing her re-nomination as chairwoman in December 2005, now works for NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. She declined repeated requests for an interview."

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