Cross Cutting Themes at JSC

NASA JSC Presentation: Cross Cutting Themes January 2011

Improvements are needed in the following for BEO Human Exploration:

* Human Sustainability: much more commonality/ interchangeability of systems for repairs and hardware maintenance. Fewer tools. Dependable systems--better reliability with redundancy.
* Human/Robotic Interaction: Need a robot with human-like dexterity. Desire control like Xbox "Kinect"
* EVA: EVA improved suit, suitport
* Crew/Ground Interface: Need more autonomy as crew and spacecraft will be light-minutes from MCC intervention. (Closer operations philosophy to pre-TDRSS). Still need high-definition video for critical events (dockings, EVAs, telerobotics)
* Working & Living in Space: radiation protection for crew. Crew health. In situ real time training.
* Launch Infrastructure

MacGyver Projects provide opportunities to test new operational concepts

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