Why Does JSC Hide Their Cool Stuff?

Project Morpheus To Begin Testing at NASA's Johnson Space Center

"Neighbors of NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston may notice some loud noises coming from the 1,600-acre site in the coming weeks. Johnson's Engineering Directorate is ready to begin testing its prototype lander as part of - Project Morpheus - a vertical test bed designed to integrate technologies that could be used to build future spacecraft intended to land on the moon, Mars, asteroids or any other foreign surface."

Keith's note: I am baffled. JSC is doing cool stuff like this - but in this press release they offer no pictures of the lander, the test site, not even a website for it? No streaming video is offered, nothing on YouTube? Why do you hide cool things, JSC? FAIL.

Keith's 2:15 pm EDT update: According to a NASA Watch reader, here are NASA JSC's Stealth Social Media sites (awaiting some sort of approval): Twitter.com/morpheuslander, Flickr.com/morpheuslander, Youtube.com/morpheuslander, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Project-Morpheus/156555054405321?ref=sgm. Their Facebook page also lists http://morpheus.jsc.nasa.gov and another Project Morpheus page as well.

Keith's 3:05 pm EDT update: When I first posted these links, with the exception of the Facebook page, they were devoid of content. Suddenly things are being posted. Too bad JSC PAO needs to be kicked in the butt to do this stuff - stuff they should just do naturally as a standard part of their job.

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