Dysfunctional Technology Efforts at Langley (Update)

Keith's 22 Feb note: NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) has their "Future Innovation" website online (screen shot in case they change things). Curiously, it has this odd copyright notice on it. " Copyright Future Innovation 2012. All Rights Reserved." How can a NASA.gov website be the copyright protected property of anyone/anything other than the Federal government? Indeed, by default, virtually everything NASA does is in the public domain.

This website is all about "innovation" (it says so), but has been noted with regard to the NASA Technology Gateway (also operated by NASA LaRC), this "Future Innovation" website is oblivious to the recent spate of technology transfer notifications that LaRC has been posting over the last several months. Why is that? Is it that these NASA LaRC tech transfer announcements are not "innovative"?

NASA LaRC CTO Rich Antcliff is listed as the responsible NASA official. Maybe he can explain the copyright notice and the continuing eforts by LaRC to ignore all of the new technology that his center is announcing via the Federal Register.

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Keith's 23 Feb update: Not a day seems to go by when one part of NASA LaRC sends out an innovation, tech transfer, or advanced technology notice while the rest of the Center's CTO/Innovation activities ignore the notice - as does the rest of the agency's CTO/Spinoff organizations. Is anyone actually in charge of this or is it just a free-for-all? This notice was posted in the Federal Register today. No one at NASA.gov has taken notice.

NASA Request for Information Seeking Potential Interest and Use of Langley Research Center Unique Capabilities in Structures and Materials

'NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) seeks to enhance the use of the Center's distinctive lab and facility capabilities to support government and commercial aerospace activities. We believe the extraordinary resources available at NASA Langley, including facilities, labs and human capital, can be of great benefit to the nation and enhance technology development and infusion."

Keith's 23 Feb later update: @NASATechGateway sent a direct message by Twitter (they are unwilling/unable to tweet this to all of their followers) containing this non-obvious link to a "marketplace" - one wherein teeny tiny icons (that cannot be read) are shown in a large pile. When downloaded, it is clear that the titles on these documents do not mesh with what has been posted in the Federal Register. I guess this is unimportant.

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