More Voodoo Rocket Science From Mike Griffin

Futron Releases 2012 Space Competitiveness Index,

"Futron has released its 2012 Space Competitiveness Index marking the 5th anniversary of the yearly publication. According to the report, the United States remains the overall leader in space competitiveness but is seeing a decline for the 5th year in a row."

Ex-NASA boss defends GW Bush "vision" (again...), Doctorlinda (Linda Billings)

"Griffin told the committee that he's grown "tired" of pronouncements that the United States is "the world's leader in space."* "We barely rank number 3.... Our vision today is mostly talk," he said, insisting that the Constellation program put in place in response to President Bush's so-called "Vision for Space Exploration" was, and still is, a good plan and affordable to execute. He asserted that Bush's strategy was "the right strategy, was endorsed by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, and did not a massive increase in the NASA budget."

Keith's note: What is Mike Griffin Smoking? Futron shows the U.S. in #1 position but Griffin claims that it is #3. Does Griffin know something that the experts at Futron do not know? Where does Griffin get his data? Is he going to share the numbers with the rest of us? Is this some secret campaign data that the Romney folks have unearthed or just more hot air and sour grapes on Mike's part? Truth be known: Mike Griffin needs the U.S. to be in an inferior and declining position so as to hype his own voodoo rocket science. It makes no sense otherwise. He seems to think that if he just says things often enough that people will think what he says is true.

Mike Griffin/Scott Pace Road Show Update, earlier post

"Once again Mike Griffin and Scott Pace are using a third party forum to (1) whine about the big game they lost in high school and (2) advance their personal views - views that may or may not represent the Romney campaign - which is (3) an organization that they may or may not represent depending on how they (4) want the media to report what they say or did not say so as to (5) stay in the news so that (6) one of them gets to run NASA (again)."

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