Morpheus Lander Crashes (With Video)

NASA's Morpheus Lander Crashes During First Free Flight Attempt (with video)

"During its first attempt at free flight today at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA's Morpheus lander crashed and caught on fire. According to NASA PAO: "During today's free-flight test of the Project Morpheus vehicle lifted off the ground and then experienced a hardware component failure, which prevented it from maintaining stable flight. No one was injured and the resulting fire was extinguished by KSC fire personnel. Engineers are looking into the incident and the agency will release information as it comes available."

Keith's 6:25 pm EDT 12 Aug update: An update has now been posted on the Morpheus Lander website. Looks like they're going to push ahead.

Keith's 3:00 pm 9 Aug EDT note: There have been no post-accident updates yet from @MorpheusLander (we wish them a speedy recovery and, hopefully, a re-launch soon). And although video of what was openly webcast on NASA TV is now on YouTube via a non-NASA source, NASA KSC PAO has yet to post the video that was broadcast.

Keith's 11:15 am 1:50 4:00 7:25 pm EDT 10 Aug update: This video footage aired on CNN at least 3 times yesterday. It has been viewed on YouTube over 146,000 167,000 190,000 221,000 times. Yet neither Project Morpheus or NASA KSC have been able to post it on their websites yet. The video is online at NASA HQ. All you have to do is copy and paste the embed code.

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