NASA Continues To Ignore Its Own Good Stuff (Update)

Paragon's NASA Funded Technology Now Used in Mine Refuge Chambers

"This is a great example of NASA investment fostering entrepreneurial activity in other markets" said Phil McAlister, director of NASA's Commercial Spaceflight Development in Washington. "The technology was developed as part of an effort to stimulate the private sector to develop commercial space transportation concepts and enable capabilities for future commercial support of human spaceflight with U.S. taxpayer dollars and Paragon's private investment. The company then found another market for it, leading to the development of a new commercial product and service, which will help save the lives of American miners."

Keith's note: No mention is made of this at NASA's Commercial Spaceflight Development website, NASA Spinoffs/OCT or anywhere else at

Odyssey Moon & NSL Satellites Ltd. to Launch Science Experiments to International Space Station

"The project is enabled through NanoRacks LLC, which is working in partnership with NASA under a Space Act Agreement as part of the utilization of the International Space Station as a National Laboratory. Says Managing Director Jeffrey Manber, "NanoRacks is delighted to again be working with the educational community, this time for showing students the potential of using space as a tool for learning."

No mention of this is made at CASIS, ISS National Lab website, or anywhere else at

More Stealth NASA Spinoffs (2nd Update), earlier post

Keith's update: I have learned that NASA posted this article on the mining technology on 27 September and sent out one tweet via @Commercial_crew. Otherwise, no media alerts were sent out by email. If you saw the single tweet or happened to visit the commercial crew or KSC webpage, then you saw the article. Otherwise, you would not know where to find it. Meanwhile, the Odyssey Moon/NSL, Nanoracks news is till being ignored by CASIS and NASA.

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