NASA Blocks Everyone From Access To Everything on NTRS

NASA Tightens Security In Response To Insider Threat, Information Week

"NASA has closed down its technical reports database and imposed tighter restrictions on remote access to its computer systems following the arrest of a Chinese contractor on suspicion of intellectual property theft."

NASA Technical Reports Database Goes Dark, Secrecy News

"There is a HUGE amount of material on NTRS," said [National Academy of Sciences] space policy analyst Dwayne Day. "If NASA is forced to review it all, it will never go back online." ... "I'd also note that a large amount of historical Mercury/Gemini/Apollo documents that were previously available at NARA Fort Worth is now apparently withdrawn due to ITAR [export controls]," said Dr. Day."

Keith's note: There is a new notice on NTRS now: "The NASA technical reports server will be unavailable for public access while the agency conducts a review of the site's content to ensure that it does not contain technical information that is subject to U.S. export control laws and regulations and that the appropriate reviews were performed. The site will return to service when the review is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

How can we be certain that there isn't something posted on SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System Abstract Service or at If NASA was really trying to check on whether things have been posted that should not have been posted then shouldn't NASA lock down these sites too? What about NASATechBriefs? Look at all that technology transfer goodness on their site.

If NTRS is offline why are the JPL Technical Report Server, NASA Johnson Technical Reports Server and the NASA Engineering Network online? If you want to see the NACA material from 1917-1958 that NTRS has taken offline (1917? Yes, the Wright brothers built warplanes) you can still see it here. The University of Texas seems to have a lof NTRS stuff online as well.

NASA Technical Reports Server Mysteriously Taken Offline, earlier post

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