JSC Safety Office Team Building Involves Shooting Guns

Keith's note: Looks like all the invitees to this gun shooting team building event are from JSC Code NA - Safety and Mission Assurance Office. This was sent out the day after the Navy Yard shootings here in Washington, DC. I wonder if these JSC "safety" folks would have announced such a team building event the day after that horrible shooting incident they had at JSC a few years ago? Also - what if one or more of the people who got this email do not want to participate in a gun-related activity as part of their day job? Does that mean that they are not "team" players? How can their management put them into such a position as civil servants?


Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 05:08 PM Central Standard Time

To: Baumer, Gregg C. (JSC-NE111); Butler, Sharyl A. (JSC-NA121); Carrington, Thomas E. (JSC-NT111); Doremus, Robert C. (JSC-NA111); Dyer, Keith W. (JSC-NC111); Engle, Jean E. {Jeanie} (JSC-NA141); Fodroci, Michael (JSC-NE111); Kaye, Irene E. (JSC-NA111); Loyd, David T. (JSC-NS111); Mcarthur, William S. (JSC-NA111); Menard, Stacey A. (JSC-NS111); Packham, Nigel (JSC-NA111); Ross, Clarence L. (JSC-NT111); Rush, James D. (JSC-NC111); Schwartz, Mary Beth (JSC-NA121); Watkins, Vincent D. (JSC-NA111); Johnson, Rosalind E. (JSC-NA111); Tenhet, Kay E. (JSC-NA)[REDE CRITIQUE NSS JV]; Kaplan, David I. (JSC-NA111); Byerly, Deborah (JSC-NA121); Johnson, Teresa A. (JSC-NA121); Kidwell, Patrick K. (JSC-NA121); Starling, Kenesha L. (JSC-NA121); Thelen, David F. (JSC-NA131); Andrews, Cheryl R. (JSC-NA141); Fontenot, Brent J. (JSC-NA141); Marker, Walter (JSC-NA141); Meza, David (JSC-NA141); Brainard, Lydia L. (JSC-NA141)[REDE CRITIQUE NSS JV]; BARNES-GOBER, JULIE (JSC-NA141)

Subject: Please join in our TEAM BUILDING EVENT!

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