Why Does Space Policy Always Suck?

NAS SSB: Committee on Human Spaceflight Public and Stakeholder Opinions Panel

"This meeting is closed in its entirety."

Keith's note: Sigh, yet another NAS SSB meeting on "public and stakeholder Opinions" that is closed to the "public" and "stakeholders" i.e. the taxpayers who paid for it. As previously noted on NASA Watch, these expensive ($3.6 million) panels, composed of the usual suspects plus a few newbies, take years to churn out an end product. The product is watered down and is biased toward the pre-ordained opinions of Congress, the committee, and the select consultants that the SSB consults. No description is ever presented to the public as to how input is solicited, processed, or collated - nor does the public have any recourse whereby they can find out how the committee conducted itself.

The end result is presented to Congress. Congress reads the cover page, holds a hearing, and asks NASA to respond within 90 days to questions that miss the original point that the NAS committee was chartered to discuss. The White House then ignores the report - as does NASA - and Congress. Everyone then pats themselves on the back - and the process starts all over again - ignoring everything that the NAS SSB just did.

Because that is how it is done.

This self-perpetuating space policy echo chamber existed before sequesters, shutdowns, and CRs and it will continue to exist once this current budget nonsense is resolved - and it will survive as future congressional calamities ensue.

Yet people still wonder why, after all these years, the process whereby space policy is developed sucks so very much - and why NASA finds it harder and harder to do what it is chartered to do.

Yet Another Slow Motion Advisory Committee on Human Space Flight, earlier post

"Net result: the committee's advice will be out of synch with reality and somewhat overtaken by events having taken a total of 3 years, 7 months to complete. Oh yes: the cost of this study? $3.6 million.. The soonest that a NASA budget could be crafted that took this committee's advice into account would be the FY 2016 budget request. NASA and OMB will interact on the FY 2016 budget during Fall 2014 and it won't be announced until early 2015 - 4 1/2 years after this committee and its advice was requested in the NASA Authorization Act 2010."

NASA Wants You To Nominate The Advisors It Ignores

"Charlie Bolden listens (I guess) to what the committee members have to say and then ignores 99% of what is said. Its mostly a slow-motion Kabuki theater: NASA people moving in the shadows - but little real substance up front."

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