JSC is Still Silent When It Comes To Their Space Drive

Did NASA Validate an "Impossible" Space Drive? In a Word, No., Discover

"Worst of all is this statement from the paper: "Thrust was observed on both test articles, even though one of the test articles was designed with the expectation that it would not produce thrust." In other words, the Cannae Drive worked when it was set up correctly--but it worked just as well when it was intentionally disabled set up incorrectly. Somehow the NASA researchers report this as a validation, rather than invalidation, of the device."
Don't Get Too Excited About NASA's New Miracle Engine, io9

"Carroll's final point - that the researchers measured thrust not only when the drive was configured to produce it, but also when set up to do nothing at all - may be the most important takeaway of all."

- EMdrive tested by NASA, Reddit

- JSC's Strange Thruster Violates The Laws of Physics, earlier post

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