SLS LOX Dome Dropped And Damaged Beyond Repair (Update)

Keith's 1:31 pm EDT note: Sources report that a LOX dome for the SLS under construction was dropped and is damaged beyond repair. The accident also damaged some tooling. There are reportedly enough parts to build a new LOX dome but that is going to affect a lot of schedules. David Beaman is heading up an investigation team. More to follow.

Keith's 7:00 pm EDT update: NASA PAO provided this statement: "NASA and Boeing formed independent investigation teams to evaluate an incident that occurred while manufacturing test hardware for the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket at the agency's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans May 3. Initial assessments indicate damage to the rear (aft) dome of a liquid oxygen tank, which is part of the rocket's 212-foot core stage. Assessments are underway to determine the extent of the damage. There were no injuries. As required by protocol, the Vertical Assembly Center tool was shut down and secured. NASA is evaluating next steps to safely resume operations with the VAC."

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