SLS Just Lost One Of Its Big Selling Points

NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for the Europa Clipper Mission

"NASA has selected Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) of Hawthorne, California, to provide launch services for Earth's first mission to conduct detailed investigations of Jupiter's moon Europa. The Europa Clipper mission will launch in October 2024 on a Falcon Heavy rocket from Launch Complex 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The total contract award amount for launch services is approximately $178 million."

Keith's note: The White House estimated that the cost of a SLS launch for Europa Clipper was in the range of $2 billion. The SpaceX Falcon Heavy choice saves virtually all of that - even though it was still in an imaginary outyear budget. Meanwhile, the whole SLS promotional rationale i.e. that it can do everything everywhere bigger and faster - and that space/planetary science folks should love it as a result - is falling apart with this announcement. And oh yes: Psyche was already manifested on a Falcon Heavy so the confidence in that launch vehicle - the most powerful rocket that is now flying - is simply growing. And the SpaceX Starship will soon blast the Artemis program of record paradigm apart as well. As far as the rationale for SLS being a part of a multi-decades-long program of lunar, Martian, and solar system exploration goes: Tick tock.

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John Glenn Memorial Symposium - July 18-20, 2022
Kepler Communications - Aether - Unbound Connectivity to your on-orbit assets

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