Astrobiology News From Mars That NASA Forgot to Tell You About

Organic molecules revealed in Mars's Bagnold Dunes by Curiosity's derivatization experiment, Nature Astronomy

" .. No amino-acid derivatives were detected. However, chemically derivatized benzoic acid and ammonia were detected. Mass spectra matching derivatized phosphoric acid and phenol were present, as were several nitrogen-bearing molecules and as yet unidentified high-molecular-weight compounds. ... This derivatization experiment on Mars has expanded the inventory of molecules present in Martian samples and demonstrated a powerful tool to further enable the search for polar organic molecules of biotic or prebiotic relevance."

Organic Molecules Found On Mars For The First Time, Inverse

"The molecules released from the cup were then trapped and analyzed, revealing organic molecules on Mars that no space agency had previously detected."

Keith's note: No mention is made of this anywhere at NASA - not NASA HQ, JPL, GSFC, or NASA's Astrobiology Program. Why send these billion dollar missions to search for evidence of past life on Mars if you are not going to report things like this, NASA?

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John Glenn Memorial Symposium - July 18-20, 2022
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John Glenn Memorial Symposium - July 18-20, 2022
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