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Bill Nelson To Be Nominated To Run NASA

By Keith Cowing
March 18, 2021
Bill Nelson To Be Nominated To Run NASA

Keith’s note: Interesting historical note: Steve Isakowitz was the original Obama/Biden (planned) NASA administrator nominee back in 2009 – but Sen. Nelson refused to meet with him – blocking him and insisting on Charlie Bolden instead. Nelson then did his best to block Jim Bridenstine from becoming Administrator because he was a “career politician”. These things don’t always run smoothly.
Biden expected to nominate former senator Bill Nelson to be NASA administrator, Washington Post
“Lori Garver, who served as NASA deputy administrator under President Obama, said the choice of Nelson was “an ironic turn of events considering he blocked President Obama’s top-nominees for the job in 2009 and then led the congressional effort that dismantled the Obama-Biden strategy and proposed budget, created the Space Launch System, reinstated Orion and cut funding for technology and commercial crew.” She added that Nelson will need to understand why the SLS rocket “has cost so much more than projected.” But she said he “has already had more influence on NASA than anyone in recent memory, so he has plenty of experience and should be able to hit the ground running.”
Keith’s note: Meanwhile the usual suspects inside the Beltway in Big Aerospace are lining up for jobs …
Biden to tap Bill Nelson to lead NASA, Politico
“If you have someone like Sen. Nelson, who has decades of experience and a personal relationship with the president, they’ll have a different ability to voice their reaction or response to the budget process. … That will have a very real impact,” said Mike French, the vice president of space systems at the Aerospace Industries Association. “To me, the most important thing is your ability to manage and look out for the agency’s interests … independent of your background.”
2021 Bill Nelson Wants To Be NASA Administrator – 2017 Bill Nelson Says He’s Not Qualified, earlier post

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