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SLS and Orion

Beating Orion?

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
September 23, 2008

Web Entrepreneur Wants NASA to Use His Rockets, Discovery

“With a successful Falcon 1 mission, Musk plans to start lobbying for a follow-on contract to develop the Falcon 9-Dragon to transport space station crews. “We haven’t pushed hard yet, even though I think it’s like blindingly obvious as the thing to do because we’re hoping to get to orbit and then on the back of getting to orbit and push hard … because otherwise our detractors have too much ammunition,” Musk said. “They’d say, ‘How can you trust the future of the American space program to a company that hasn’t gotten to orbit?’ That’s the obvious attack. So we hope to get to get to orbit and then they can’t use that attack.”

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