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ULA Next Generation Launch System Announced

By Marc Boucher
April 14, 2015
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ULA Next Generation Launch System Announced

United Launch Alliance Unveils America’s New Rocket – Vulcan: Innovative Next Generation Launch System will Provide Country’s Most Reliable, Affordable and Accessible Launch Service
“United Launch Alliance (ULA) unveiled its Next Generation Launch System (NGLS) today at the 31st Space Symposium. The new rocket, Vulcan, will transform the future of space by making launch services more affordable and accessible.”

ULA to Unveil America’s Next Generation Launch System at Space Symposium
“Media are invited to participate in a news conference (remotely or in-person) on Monday, April 13, at 2 p.m. MT, during which United Launch Alliance (ULA) CEO Tory Bruno will unveil the Next Generation Launch System and its name, which was determined after more than one million votes received March 23 – April 6.”
Marc’s note: Whether by design or simple ignorance, ULA will hold a press conference today starting at 4:00 p.m. EDT. This is 33 minutes before SpaceX is set to launch a Falcon 9 on their sixth commercial cargo resupply mission and where they will try, for the third time, to land the Falcon 9 first stage on their drone ship in the Atlantic. While there is no doubt some media at the National Space Symposium will attend the news conference, I think many will be preoccupied with the SpaceX launch. If SpaceX is successful then ULA will be hard pressed to compete with the SpaceX story.
Keith’s note: What Marc said 😉 If ULA had an ounce of PR smarts they’d schedule this at a time when media are not distracted by vastly more interesting events.
Marc’s update: ULA is planning on reusing the first stage engines in an effort to directly compete with SpaceX. The race is on for reusability. But it must be noted while ULA released some information, Bruno was short on some specifics. The rocket will be called Vulcan.

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