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Passage To Mars

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
May 8, 2017
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Passage To Mars

Review: Passage To Mars, SpaceRef
“Passage to Mars” is a documentary about a bunch of guys who try to drive across a large frozen stretch of the Northwest Passage. They attempt this feat (in part) as an analog for long distance traverses people will one day attempt on Mars. This film depicts important lessons that are often far more relevant for the actual human exploration of Mars than anything NASA itself is doing right now. This unprecedented adventure, planned to last a few weeks ended up becoming a three-year epic odyssey of hope, fear and survival. The goal of the expedition was to use a specially-outfitted Humvee named the “Okarian” across 2,000 miles of sea ice. Their ultimate goal: to drive to Haughton Crater on Devon Island – the location of a NASA-funded research base where scientists and engineers learn how to live on and explore Mars.”
Keith’s note: I was on a panel tonight with Penny Boston, Leonard David, and Pascal Lee at the Human to Mars Summit after a screening of the documentary “Passage to Mars” which features the exploits of the team responsible for the Haughton Mars Project on Devon Island. If you have not seen this film you can get it on iTunes and Amazon.

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