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Chile Will Get Advice From NASA On Support for Trapped Miners

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
August 26, 2010
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Chile will ask advice from NASA to attend the trapped miners, Momento 24
“Chilean Health Ministry will ask the NASA for advice to the implementation of efficient techniques in pursuit of maintaining the health condition of the 33 miners trapped in San Jose mine, 700 meters deep, in Atacama desert, and who, according to estimates, will not be rescued until 3 months. The initiative of the trans-Andean country’s health portfolio refers that at this moment, the miners’ living conditions are similar to those experienced by astronauts in a space station. It is known that they eat food specially designed for this purpose.”
Chile miners to get coping advice from NASA, Christian Science Monitor
“With 33 miners trapped deep underground, Chile is seeking advice from NASA on how to keep them mentally and physically fit for the months it may take to rescue them. “We received a request from the Chilean government about advice related to our life science research,” John Yembrick, a NASA spokesman, told Wednesday.”
Other isolated survivors tell what kept them alive, AP
“Astronaut Jerry Linenger and architect Eduardo Strauch know the remarkable quality that keeps the trapped Chilean miners going: the immense power of hope. Linenger and Strauch are living proof of survival amid isolation. They say that power is in us all.”

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