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OIG: Challenges for Orbital's Antares Recovery Plans

By Keith Cowing
September 17, 2015
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OIG: Challenges for Orbital's Antares Recovery Plans

NASA’s Response to Orbital’s October 2014 Launch Failure: Impacts on Commercial Resupply of the ISS, NASA OIG
“Orbital’s Return to Flight Plan contains technical and operational risks and may be difficult to execute as designed and on the timetable proposed. … This tight schedule does not include a test flight for the modified system and provides limited opportunities for qualification and certification testing. … when calculating the cost to NASA for the remaining four flights, Orbital did not use the per-kilogram pricing in the original contract and instead divided the price for the cancelled eighth mission by its contractual upmass requirement to arrive at a revised price per-kilogram. By accepting this pricing structure, NASA committed to paying $65 million more for these missions than the Agency would have paid if the original pricing had been used.”
NASA could have cut costs after botched Orbital launch – watchdog, Reuters
“NASA missed opportunities to save millions of dollars following Orbital ATK’s failed cargo run to the International Space Station last year, the agency’s top watchdog said on Thursday. The NASA Office of Inspector General also questioned Orbital’s plan to resume deliveries to the space station, a permanently staffed, $100 billion research laboratory that flies about 250 miles (400 km) above Earth.”

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