Waypoint2space: Closer Look at Website Claims About Operations at NASA JSC

Keith's note: The other day I wrote about the announcement made by Waypoint2space about the astronaut training services they are currently selling - services that claim use of NASA JSC facilities. I did get a few responses from the company (with legal disclosure caveats attached) before they stopped responding. I have asked NASA PAO to respond but they have yet to do so. Below are some observations regarding what is still posted on the Waypoint2space website. I'd be more than happy to post any responses from Waypoint2space - so long as they do not attach legal restrictions on the dissemination of those responses.

For starters, the Waypoint2space site refers to their services in the present tense i.e. that they already exist: "Our Level 1 classes are accepting enrollment and are scheduled to begin in April 2014.", "Operating from NASA's Johnson Space Center, we offer the definitive training experience with our fully comprehensive and immersive space training programs.", and "Operating from the global hub of space technology - Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas - we are helping to shape the future of the Commercial Space Industry". As best I am able to determine they operate out of Houston Technology Center located in Building 35 at the same address Waypoint2space uses.

Waypoint2space does not have any signed agreements with NASA although they will tell you that one is in the works. As for all of the company logos they list on their website, I have inquiries out to see if there are actual endorsements or business relationships in place. So far the answer seems to be no.

If you visit this webpage you'll see this claim "To go into space, step out of the vehicle, and float above the earth while reaching for the stars - but wondered if you have what it takes? For the first time in history, you can train like an astronaut using the most advanced facilities and equipment in the world." Sadly, nearly everything once used to train astronauts during the shuttle program at JSC has been sent to museums. What remains is in active use for ISS and exploration activities. Access to these facilities by NASA Is highly protected - and always has been. MOD is not going to readily allowing paying customers to starting using these facilities. Multiple sources within NASA state rather emphatically that MOD has made it clear to all involved that they not interested in working with Waypoint2space on astronaut training.

If you go to this page this page one of the images that rotates though is the Saturn V at JSC - but it is shown as it was 10 years ago (outside) not inside is new education center. Another image shows an artist's concept of a new three story building onsite at JSC that is "coming soon" yet NASA sources at JSC know nothing about this building. On this page one of the photos shows someone in an EVA suit training the large pool at JSC. There is simply no way that this is going to happen.

This page states "Our Level 1 classes are accepting enrollment and are scheduled to begin in April 2014. At this time, we have limited enrollment with only 300 seats available." This page also shows the JSC electric rover with the company's logo on it. I have been to Desert RATS twice. They limit the operation of this vehicle to a handful of highly trained individuals. Without MOD cooperation there is simply no way that any of the facilities at JSC are going to be opened up to this or any other company - especially one that purports to "train astronauts" and to start doing so in April 2014.

This page says "The course will subject the SFP to high G-force load effects on the human body coupled by stimulation of the vestibular and visual senses as a result of unusual attitudes" You need a human-rated centrifuge for that. JSC no longer has such a centrifuge - and hasn't had one for decades.

This page states "This course will prepare the SFP for the planned EVA utilizing fidelity correct mock-ups in a neutrally buoyant or neutral gravity environment simulating microgravity procedures for orbital EVA or terrestrial based facility if performing lunar EVA." To do this at JSC would require use of the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory or the agency's C-9 aircraft or ZeroG's jet. Again, without MOD's cooperation, NASA facilities are unlikely to be available. No mention is made of ZeroG Corporation services or any partnership with them.

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