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NASA: We're Not Working on Warp Drive

By Keith Cowing
May 11, 2015
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NASA: We're Not Working on Warp Drive

Keith’s note: With regard to the Eagle Works EmDrive “warp core” research underway at JSC, NASA HQ PAO has told NASAWatch: “While conceptual research into novel propulsion methods by a team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston has created headlines, this is a small effort that has not yet shown any tangible results. NASA is not working on ‘warp drive’ technology. “However, the agency does fund very fundamental research as part of our advanced concepts and innovative investments that push the frontiers of science and engineering. This is part of what NASA does in exploring the unknown, and the agency is committed to and focused on the priorities and investments identified by the NASA Strategic Space Technology Investment Plan. “Through these investments, NASA will develop the capabilities necessary to send humans further into space than ever before.”
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