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Military Space Guys Argue Over The Whole Space Force Rank Thing

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
August 10, 2020
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Military Space Guys Argue Over The Whole Space Force Rank Thing

‘Space Force officers must think like Navy officers if they are to succeed’, Politico
“With Congress’ blessing, Space Force admirals will create a service that promotes whole-of-nation space development and considers space commerce protection as a mission co-equal to warfighting. The Senate and House jointly passing the Starfleet Amendment into law would declare boldly that Americans want the Space Force to be both strong and wise enough to win the great power competition in space through strategic — yet peaceful — development that will both secure America and enrich the world. Make it so!.”
Why giving the Space Force naval ranks might widen the schism with the Air Force, Politico
“Finally, and most importantly, symbols matter. The Space Force knows that with an embrace of naval rank comes expectations of naval roles. But does the Space Force want its officers to embrace navalist thinking? Although virtually all major space power theorists have consistently used maritime analogies, space power theory wasn’t part of military education until quite recently, and has yet to make it into official doctrine.”
Keith’s note: Really guys? Space Force still hasn’t created anything yet – they slap their logos on other organization’s satellites. They have not chased any bad guys in space yet. More importantly, they have not figured out what Space Force wants to be when it grows up. Yet there are already food fights about what rank system to use, what the uniforms should look like, and what logos will be used on official Space Force swag. Someone should do a TV show about this. Oh wait ….
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