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Two Takes on the Orbital Mechanics in "Gravity"

By Keith Cowing
October 1, 2013
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Gravity Fact Check: What the Season’s Big Movie Gets Wrong, Jeff Kluger, Time
“… the physics of moving about in space–thrusts requiring counterthrusts, spins requiring counterspins, the hideous reality that if you do go spiraling off into the void your rotation never, never stops–are all simulated beautifully, scarily and accurately.”
NASA expert explains what the Gravity trailer gets wrong, Michael A. Interbartolo III, Blastr
“I am all for an entertaining movie, but when I go into a Michael Bay Armageddon movie I know to turn the brain off. This one tries to pass itself off as something more than that, but to me, it is the same flash and sizzle with a pretty lax understanding of orbital mechanics and spaceflight operations.”
Keith’s note: Michael Interbartolo actually does this space stuff for a living.

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